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Still Ceramics X Moving Drawing x Nightingales 

# What The Fuck's Love

Lie on a street

dormant like Venus 


When the world goes asleep

wonder whose dreams are lucid


We all got questions

and it’s time to ponder


Be it drunk or sober

minds can always wander

in a desolated world

under millions of stars


Cause life has always been 

a dream


# Flood

Been on my way to Cape Collinson

Searching for places to bury

All my memories


Love always comes and goes

Like flood ebbs and flows

As the bus goes


But darling, you need not worry

Cause I am always

By your side


# Dreamer

Underneath the chair

is a mysterious sleeper

dreaming in dreams

as crazy as it seems


Underneath the chair

lies a delirious dreamer

sleeping in sleep

as crazy as it seems


# Sugary

Don’t want to be a slob

that’s why I pray to God

hope to get a job


Lexus, Bentley, Lamborghini

Chanel, Coogi, Louis Vuitton


Be my sugar daddy

Give me all your money


Be my sugar daddy

Tonight I’ll call you honey


# I'm the Boss

sleep on chair

under people’s stares


hands behind head

like one’s in bed


people be talking

but I don’t care


cos Im the boss


# Void


How hapless are you

Crying for water

On a barren land


You know there is no water

Like there is no joke

No fun

No games


So flat

Even the alcohol is flat


# She Said


She said its dark inside

No matter how hard she tried


She said 


She said things gon’ change

But now its getting out of range


She said 


She said she’s sad


She said


# Maze



Wake up from the dark

Work till dawn



Forget time and space

Still have no malice



Close your eyes

We call it a day


# Slayer


Sleep with one eye open

Like Argus

But someday you will meet Hermes

And Hermes knows all

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