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Small Strokes

Moving Drawing x Nightingales

自稱文字藝術家also known as矛盾綜合體——自小喜愛思考,同時討厭挑戰數學難題;為人外向同時內向;不擅閱讀也不擅措詞,偏偏滿懷胸臆,熱愛文字與寫作。2020年於社交平台instagram寫下第一句句子,盼以文字溫暖生命,治癒傷疤。自稱文字藝術家,只為文章寫不好時好推說自己是「搞藝術」的。

A “word artist” who has been sharing his work on Instagram since 2020 in the hope of bringing joy and love to the world.  His work includes poems in English and sentences in Chinese. He has never considered himself a great writer but a writing enthusiast - that's why he calls himself a “word artist” to avoid embarrassment when he messes things up.


# Grab the Handrail

It is easy to hold tight

When the train stops

But it is difficult to hold on

When life goes wrong

drawing 3_edited.jpg

# Urban Sickness

Feels lonely

when we are so close


Feels empty

when the train is packed


Whip through the city

Just to keep up with the pace of living

image (1)_edited.jpg

# Dreamer

How stupid are you

To care about words from strangers you don’t know


Every word they said

You think about them in dreams

Every day

Like newspaper you read

image (2)_edited.jpg

# Light

How could you tell

Between night or day

If only dismal prevails

When the daylight comes through


How could you taste sweetness

If only strong wind whips through

In a world

Dull yet cruel


# Sugary

Don’t want to be a slob

that’s why I pray to God

hope to get a job


Lexus, Bentley, Lamborghini

Chanel, Coogi, Louis Vuitton


Be my sugar daddy

Give me all your money


Be my sugar daddy

Tonight I’ll call you honey

(work also appears on ceramics)



How hapless are you

Crying for water

On a barren land


You know there is no water

Like there is no joke

No fun

No games


So flat

Even the alcohol is flat

(work also appears on ceramics)


PM @nightingales.words


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