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Small Strokes

Moving Drawing x Charlotte 

雷焯諾(Charlotte Lui)2019年在香港浸會大學,視覺藝術學院畢業。主修繪畫和版畫,現以獨立出版為主。畢業後走游於香港大街小巷寫生,時常帶一本掌形小畫簿隨心所欲作畫, 線條簡單直接,繪畫出城市人的忙碌、上班族的苦悶與銀髮族的休閑。於2020年於地鐵寫生,與友人阿虧創作《地鐵事件簿》的小誌。繼而於2021年初與作者雷暐樂共同創作2022《游移事件簿》日曆,記錄了交通工具上的人和事。

Charlotte Lui graduated in 2019 from the Department of Visual Art of Hong Kong Baptist University, majoring in painting and printmaking. Through independent publishing and print, Charlotte always brings a tiny sketch book to draw everywhere in Hong Kong. She illustrates the hustle and bustle of the city.


Since 2020, Charlotte has started life-drawing in MTR station. She corporates with her friend, Norris, and work together a zine < MTR notebook >(2020). Charlotte depicted the moment happening in MTR station, afterwards Norris wrote the light poems portraying the city lay down.


In this year, Charlotte corporates with Peter to publish a 2022 calendar <Moving Drawing notebook> (2021). Charlotte illustrates the moment happening in transportation, while Peter writes the abnormalities of the city vitally and dynamically, combined with humanistic concern and creativity.



My dear friend, 

You are the one I trust

The one can share everything

The one can share the shoulder 

The one can share the happiness & sadness 


I Love You

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Hug Someone You Loved 

Or Just Hug Yourself 

You Are Loved ! 

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Hug Someone You Loved

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